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The author received her bachelors of science degree in Psychology from Mary Washington College in Virginia in 1991. Her bachelors of science in nursing was obtained from the University of South Carolina in 1996 and she completed her Masters of Nursing degree at the University of Utah in May of 2000. Christina continues to work in the neonatal intensive care unit at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Currently she, her husband Bob, infamous basset hound Bogart, and portly pug Parley reside in Park City, Utah.
Mother and Director of Family Centered Services Quote
"Having had a chronically ill child and a sibling that has grown to live with such illness, I am so appreciative of the expression of this book. For years the feelings of siblings have been considered, but not often discussed so openly. My son loved the dog throughout the book. He relates to animals. He is twelve now and my daughter is nearly nineteen. Although our struggles change, he still needs the reassurance and acceptance that this book brings to families. There are many of us out there that are struggling with the same issues. What wonderful insights this author has brought to families and to all of our individual communities. Talking about all of these feelings is not only therapeutic but so comforting to many of us."

Shauna Hatton-Ward
Mother and Director of Family Centered Services
Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Oncology Social Work Quote / Hospice Social Work Quote
"The crisis of having a child with cancer (chronic illness) may have a devastating, long-term impact on siblings. This book validates feelings of fear, confusion, and sadness for brothers and sisters whose family has been disrupted by life-threatening disease. It describes emotions from a child's perspective and offers practical reassurance."

Marghi Barton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, UT

"In my role as a hospice social worker, I recently learned about and used 'Hi, my name is Jack' with an eight-year-old girl (Christina) whose baby brother is terminally ill. I found this book to be an excellent tool for helping Christina identify and express her range of feelings. Christina also loved the illustrations and quickly picked out the 'feeling faces' which best matched her own felings. Her mom reports that she is now less anxious, has become more helpful and loving toward her brother, and enjoys reading her 'favorite' book to her class at school and to others. In using this wonderful book, I also found it to be extremely helpful in developing a bond with Christina and her family."

Paula Swinfard, MSW, LCSW
Option Care / Missouri River Hospice
Neonatal Intensive Care Social Work Quote
"By chance, the day I first saw and read "Hi, my name is Jack", a mom asked me what I could recommend for siblings of her hospitalized child. I handed her the book which she promptly read cover to cover and then exclaimed, "This is it! This is the perfect book to read to my children at home who are having a tough time understanding why Mommy is gone so much and why their sister is getting all the attention." What perfect timing!
Healthy siblings struggle to understand what has happened to change the family dynamics, "Hi, my name is Jack" describes these dynamics in simple story form that can be used as either a read aloud book for younger children or older children can read it on their own. The book can also help parents understand and normalize the feelings their children are having and acting out. The multi-colored drawings are clever. The characters illustrate a variety of emotions that can help children identify and talk about their own reactions to what is happening around them. One first grader who read the book with me pointed out the brown dog who appears on every page. She noted the dog had many different moods and expressions just like people do.
We will use this book regularly on the neonatal ICU. I highly recommend it for families who live with chronic illness. Thanks to Christina for giving us another tool to better understand our feelings and those around us."

Ruth Ann Libby, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, UT

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