Hi, My Name is Jack
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Hi, my name is Jack is a children's book addressing the issues encountered by the healthy siblings of chronically ill, disabled or dying childen. Five significant issues encountered by the healthy siblings are included in this book: loneliness, anger, worry, jealousy and guilt. This book does not specify the illness being experienced by the ill child. As a result, the focus remains on the healthy siblings and his or her feelings.

"As a social worker in a children's hospital for the past 18 years I have looked for this kind of book. Not finding one, I have had to use all my resources to come up with this information that now is so nicely put together in one neat package. It's a great book, one that I highly recommend to all direct patient care providers in children's health care."
Kris Ferguson, MSW
Director of Child and Family Services
Shriners Hospitals for Children, Intermountain


Every family that has a brother or sister like mine should read this over and over." Louie Hatton-Ward, brother of Amberlee.


I have a younger brother that has leukemia. I read your book and I thought
that you did a really good job on it. It was actually given to my other brother from the
supersibs. when I first saw the book I thought that it looked a little babyish and that is why my younger brother got it. But then last night I was just sitting at the kitchen table and the book was right there. I started to read it and then I was able to relate my own life to the kid Jack. Whenever I was felling the same things that Jack was, I thought that I was the only one that was feeling that way... I even got my own letter from a fellow supersib who told me what my life was going to feel like, but I still felt that nobody could understand how I was feeling. But then eventually I learned that there were other people out there who I could relate to. All the feelings that Jack had felt, were the same things that I am feeling all the time. but I guess now that there are people that I can talk to about how I am feeling. So I just wanted to thank you for helping me realize that there are other people that know how I feel.---- A thirteen year-old sibling from Pennsylvania


 Health care provider and parent comments
"We have been waiting for a long time for a book like this. Siblings of chronically ill children have long been overlooked. Hi, my name is Jack, is a great help in addressing the emotional needs of siblings."

Debbie Condren and Carolyn Bergquist
Child Life Specialists
Shriners Hospitals for Children, Intermountain

"Jack is a wonderful book for brothers and sisters, and fills a need in a long-overlooked area. It addresses the major issues that we see with siblings in a way that they can easily understand and relate to. Giving the book to a brother or sister also allows us to offer something special just for them."

Karen Couser, MSW
Children's Hospital of Michigan, Hematology Dept.

"This book is wonderful!! - As a parent of five children, two of which have/had significant special health care needs, it (the book) made me understand what my three healthy children feel in a non-threatening way and without blame. As a coordinator for Family Voices I would highly recommend this book to all ages - as it speaks to all of us."

Gina Pola-Money
Family Voices of Utah

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